Responsible pet ownership laws set standards of pet owner behavior, and then hold people to those standards. The standards should be agreed upon by all of the Pet Owners in the community. A typical set of acceptable and achievable standards would include:

1.) License your pet,  provide permanent ID tag and vaccinate them.

2.) Provide proper care, training and socialization of your pet.

3.) Spay and neuter your pet if it is not part of a responsible breeding program. A responsible pet ownership community would never mandate spay/neuter but provides education, makes spay/neuter services accessible and affordable to all citizens. 

4.) Do not allow your pet to become a threat or nuisance in the community.

5.) Secure your pet in a responsible manner. 

These simple rules, along with enforcement of violations, combined with education to help create better pet owners, results in safe, humane communities. 

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