Restitution Trial Begins

As I loaded my car with my overstuffed briefcase, my poster sized picture display and my purse I noticed Tiffaney and her live-in boyfriend with the hood up on his truck. They appeared to be having car troubles. Oh, my God today could go either way; Tiffaney would not make it to court, the day I waited for could be postponed as it was done too many time already. I literally hate Court. Alternatively, since she received the same subpoena I did and they would arrest her happy ass as the letter threatened to do for failure to appear.

However, in that past, she has made it a habit to be late, causing me to sit around waiting longer to get the ordeal over with. Once she actually walked in when the Judge was already talking and he did not bother to scold her. On the other hand, we would start late and she would automatically the loser.

I tended to my dogs, secured them for my absence, locked the house up and drove off. As I got only a block away, I felt paranoid that maybe Tiffaney was up to something sinister again. I circled around the block and pulled over onto a side street where I could see her driveway. The hood on the truck was now down and they were now where in site. OMG I have to go and not be late for court. 

My head was throbbing with anticipation. I walked into the courthouse, passed through security with my arms loaded and my hands shaking. I encountered Deputy County Attorney Michael Powel as I rounded the corner. He immediately rose to his feet and greeted me, then ushered me back to an area of benches where we sat across from each other. He was come cool and collected. I told him that Tiffaney might not make it due to car trouble; he simply shrugged his shoulders as if it did not matter to him.

Almost immediately, the victim advocates rounded the corner. Shawna Logsdon, Office Specialist recognized me, I was so happy to see here I hopped to my feet and gave her a hug. Ok today I needed all the human interaction I could get. Shawna has put up with a lot from me too over the past few months. It was so heart warming to see her with a big smile on her face that had a calming affect on me. It take a special person to deal with crime Victims, we are so emotionally up and down. Shawna brought a second Advocate in training named Judy. Ah, two for the price of one made me feel like I had a team of support.

By the time Kingman Daily Miner newspaper Reporter Erin Taylor arrived the mood in the back section was pleasant. They all made me feel like this scenario was not going to be some major doom and gloom bad experience. I no longer felt like I had to fight this alone. Now the five of us took over the back section benches and made ourselves comfortable, because there was a hearing ahead of us that was running into overtime.

A court calendar is pretty much like a Doctor’s office in regards to scheduling. They book several people at eh exact same time, tell you not to be late and then make you wait past your scheduled time. I hate the doctor’s office too. Spending time with this emotionally generous group of people helped me to relax and feel confident. We shared personal life stories and joked around as we waited. Even Michael Powell, who tired to act busy on his hand held device, cracked a grin now and then. 

I could not help but stare at him because my son’s name was also Michael. I was worried about appearing creepy, so I had to tell him about my son. He commented about it being a good name and I had to agree. For the most part, I have learned to not tell the story of my son because the expression on their faces changes drastically, so I did not elaborate too much and tried to quickly change the subject.

Low and behold, Tiffaney come trotting in with her new man in tow. I saw her scan the waiting room looking for me, we locked eyes for only a split second and she looked away first. Ok here she is the fight would be on. 

I needed to get into “Down to business mode”. I opened my briefcase and handed medical documents to be submitted at the last moment to Michael Powell. I then provided Erin Taylor with copies of pertinent information she requested. She busied herself reading my victim impact statement which the Judge already had a copy of.

Before I had a chance to feel antsy, again My Case was called. Technically, it is the States case against the criminal, Tiffaney. This is now my turn, my side of the story, my opportunity to speak out against what Tiffaney did to make me her Victim.

A huge lump formed in my throat as we filed into the courtroom, whoa as I scanned the seating my group of supporters and I were going to have to split up to find a seat. The Judge was already seated. Oh, God love Shawna, she took charge like the pro she is and politely asked the Judge if we could sit in the Jury Box and he permitted it. Wow now I sincerely felt no doubts that I could win my case. 

As I took my seat in the elite section, I could not help by look at Tiffaney. I almost felt sorry for her. She has been such a royal bitch to me for so long and there she sits looking confused by my assertive entourage. I quickly took back my pity as a hush came over the courtroom. Here we go we are up first. Michael Powell took his seat at the Prosecuting table and Tiffaney took a seat next to her Public Defender.

Posters from my story board display:

 I also pinned the Crime scene photos taken by Animal Control to the board, but I have displayed them in a different page a while back for those of you who have a strong enough stomach to go look at them. When I had the opportunity to pop my Story Board up into view, the entire courtroom erupted and little miss Tiffaney sunk in her chair. Of all people I wanted to be affected by the gruesome deaths, she was it. I wanted her to see a visual of what she allowed to occur, maybe she would finally come down off of righteous her high horse. 

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