Mohave County AZ Animal Control = Out Of Control

Creating the ADORL Foundation only scratches the surface of what Mohave County Arizona Officials have forced me to endure. Some things cannot be swept under their Bureaucratic rug of Dysfunctional Justice. 

Some hurts cannot be forgotten. Sometimes we act because of principle and sometimes there has been real fatal harm done.

Our companion animals were viciously slaughtered right in front of me, and we continue being treated unjustly. Nobody is willing to take responsibility or, even if they accept it, they are failing to say or do anything that would fairly make this up to us. 

ALL “persons” responsible for our losses is getting away with it, one of the dogs that killed our dogs is still AT-Large while the Animal Control people are sitting on their hands with their thumbs pointed up. Way to go good job. Well I have no pat on the back for any of you people.

After a believing that people my the Community cared or that these people love and cherish their dogs, I now see how blinded I have been to their lack of compassion.

After spending a small fortune on feeding, training and caring for our faithful dogs, we suddenly learn that the County we live in is one big malfunction that does not really care at all. They are not even up-to-date on laws that are meant to protect Citizens who are responsible Pet Owners.

This has been such an ongoing gross miscarriage of justice, I feared not having the support I needed from Animal Control in the event this case went to Trial. Evidence was not even reaching the City Attorney as the Tiffaney Adkins continued to plead NOT GUILTY.  I had to beg and eventually contact the Animal Control Supervisor. Then hand deliver the evidence my self at the very last second during the Pretrial hearing. Without that vital evidence this could have resulted in a long trial. 

However, now that the Tiffaney Adkins has been found GUILTY, I am able to file any concerns I had regarding retaliation from Animal Control Officers for speaking up along with their services under "useless" where it belongs

So we are mad as hell – and we are not going to take it any more. This is not a small matter. Our dog was more than an item of property. Whoever is responsible for contributing to injuring me and killing our dogs is going to feel my wrath. 

It matters whether the law is for us or against us or lukewarm toward us. It does not matter that Animal Control has other things to do. 

It matters that a 911 call was made while vicious wild crazed dogs are attacking and the 911 operator hears the dogs growling, a woman is screaming hysterically for help, is having difficulty breathing, but despite all of that the 911 operator makes a sticky note for animal control who is not on duty yet. So the victim gets no help for over an hour.

It matters that the 911 operator did not tell actual Law enforcement because Dog Attacks are not a Police Officers job description to respond.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Please let me know where I can find anyone in Mohave County who gives a crap.

Our dogs suffered and did not deserve to die a violent death. I suffered, physically, emotionally and mentally, before, during and after this attack occurred. I am still suffering today as I write this.  

Maybe there will be justice. Maybe we will merely inconvenience all the people who are responsible for our suffering, and the people who should be doing something but are not. But the time has come to take action  and go public with all of this. Maybe we cause things to change in the future.

Or maybe we will just move away from this county filled with white trash morons.

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